Instagram Captions to Use in March

We’re already rolling into Month THREE of 2022 and you’re on the search for top-notch Instagram captions to use in March. Hey, don’t worry — we have got you covered! And since St. Patrick’s Day is this month, we’ve included a few extra captions… guess it’s your lucky day! 🍀

Without further ado, here are some free Instagram captions to use in March:


How long has it been since you’ve introduced yourself? Too long!

First rule in business: [share one of your core beliefs] I’m [Name]: [sign], big fan of [quirky food], and nothing gets me more stressed than when I’m out of [fave product]. Interests include: [list 2-3 of your hobbies] I work with [describe your perfect fit person] to help you [get this result].
Things that make me feel gross inside: [list “industry standard” things that annoy you / that you do better] Things that make me feel sparkly inside: [list a few things that you super love and want to see in your people] Also… I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for hanging out in my li’l corner.


Take a moment to celebrate some of your wins AND get real with your readers.

Things I did today that I’m proud of:

[list a handful of things — 3 is plenty]

Things I did today that I’m not proud of:

[again, 3 is plenty]

I mean, I learned some stuff! How is your day going?


3 ways to tell it’s time to [step it up].

How will your perfect fit clients know that it’s time to bring in a pro… aka, you? Give ‘em a fund little self-qualifying quiz, then tell them exactly what they need to do to hire you!

Bust out your imaginary pens, Buzzfeed quiz style. Here are 3 signs you might be ready to buy / start saving for [your offer here].

[Follow up with a strong call to action on how they can make a purchase right here, right now.]


The Googler

How often have you googled _________?

Fill in the blank with something your readers are frustrated or confused by… and of course, follow it up with a quick & easy solution! (Bonus points if you can get them to share the last thing they googled, just for kicks.)


Do your perfect fit people ever get stuck in the planning phase? Nudge them out of it with a little bit of tough love. Give them a list of things they should STOP doing, and what they can focus on instead.

The stuff you’re doing that isn’t growing your biz (a shortlist)

There are so many things you might think you need to [achieve the goal your client has]. Here are a few places you might be getting tangled up:

1. list things here; ie making canva graphics, tweaking your website, etc

This list could go on for days. So… what DO you need to be doing?

1. List things here; ie Having conversations, solving problems, making offers.

Now go! Do it! Save this post to remind future you.

There you have it! Five EASY TO USE Instagram captions to use in March. If you’re still searching for more inspiration, drop into our marketing toolbox for more templates or scroll through the blog to find fresh templates every month!


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