January Content

You guys WE MADE IT. Whether you’re a goal setter or not, there’s something new and fresh about flipping the calendar page to January 1st—and here we are!

A new year is all about good intentions—folks want to be more organized, more healthy, and get it together. Inspiration and quick, helpful tidbits will perform exceptionally well this month.

Things can be pretty slow in January… but this depends on your positioning. If you have an offer that’s going to help your perfect fit person achieve a goal, talk about that transformation and call them to action.

3 Things You Can Post This Week :: January 4-8


We’re living in the middle of a big ol’ pandemic. Christmas may have been difficult, kiddos may still be home from school, and we’re still being quarantined left and right. Encouragement will be well received this week! Keep it simple with a quote, dish up some of your own words of wisdom, or share other people’s positive posts in your stories. (Always be sure to tag!)


“Quit it.”

What do your readers need to QUIT doing this year? This post will do better if you go against some popular industry advice… so is there anything that really gets your goat? (For me, it’s implementing all of the shiny new marketing tactics—without an underlying strategy.)


“How to start ____”

What does your perfect fit client want her life to look like this month? In six months? In a year? Let them know how to start. The trick is to use the TEENIEST baby steps here. (There’s a clever follow up to this in Week 4, btw. Don’t use a paid offer for this post. Be helpful, for free… you’re building trust & establishing your expertise here.)

ie: How to start creating content that sells on social media:
1. Figure out what you’re going to promote in the next 6 weeks
. Create a calendar event: “Content”
3. Set event to 1 hour, repeat weekly
4. Use that hour to actually create your content, building backwards from your promotions
Make it messy. Imperfect is okay. Focus on showing up.


“Can’t thank you enough!”

If you’re in business, you provide some kind of transformation for your readers. Don’t be shy about sharing testimonials and social proof ALL THE TIME. It helps people see what’s possible for them, builds trust, and establishes your expertise… fast.


My life right now in a photo…

Your business may have slowed wayyyyy down for January, but that doesn’t mean you have nothing to share! What are you working on behind the scenes? Extra time with your littles? Getting ready for a busy season ahead? Don’t fall off the face of the planet! (This pairs beautifully with one of this week’s story ideas)


3 Things You Can Post This Week :: January 11-15

Be a fountain, not a drain.

There’s plenty of frustrated, toxic energy on social media—so continue to encourage your readers and bring them UP with you. What does your reader want out of this year?

ie Think of all the reasons it won’t work. Write them down. Get them out of your head. then do it anyway. [Share a little bit about what YOU are doing this year, even though you’re nervous about it.] I’m rooting for you!


Sticky goals

Share 1-3 tips to help your readers stick to the intentions that they set last week. (If you have an email newsletter, share one tip on social and let your readers know they can subscribe for the REAL juicy stuff.)


Best investment

What’s the best investment you made in your business last year? Paint a picture of how it helped you go from A to B! It’s super helpful to your audience, but here’s a little bonus to think about: one of our most lucrative lead sources last year was sticking around and shouting out a business mentor after purchasing her program. It got her audience’s eyes on our stuff and because it was a stretch investment, it attracted some perfect fit clients. Be strategic about this one, and don’t hesitate to shout them out in your stories a few times too.


How you came to be doing this work

What’s a weird job that you had in the past, and how do you use those skills now? You can weave this into a post about what makes your product special & why it works, but it’s also an important part of your origin story—which is a part of what makes your brand YOU. Super important!


3 Things You Can Post This Week :: January 18-22


This is one of our favourite engagement boosters. What are three things that your perfect fit client is completely hooked on? Tell ’em they have to give one of them up, and ask which one they’d choose. Super easy & fun.

ie: Quick! You have to give up dessert, or leggings, or Instagram. Which do you choose?


Market research

You’re probably dreaming up some plans for the year as we speak and there’s no such thing as too much market research! Entice your readers to participate with a quick little giveaway.

ie: Help! No seriously… I could really use your help. I want to know YOUR ideas when it comes to [what you provide]. Is there anything that you wish existed? What do you need less of? How can I support you? To share your thoughts, tap the link in my bio. PS: I’m shamelessly bribing you to help me out… in exchange for 60 seconds of your time, you’ll be entered to win ____.


Win the day!

What’s the quickest win you can think of? Keep this super basic. Share something that was a lightbulb moment for you ages ago, or keep an eye out throughout the day for a teachable moment you can share in the grid.


Objection buster

What does your reader need to know / believe before they purchase from you? What’s holding them back? Address those hesitations right in your content—there ARE folks that are reading that are on the fence, so this may tip them into a purchase.


3 Things You Can Post This Week :: January 25-29

Keep going

How’s YOUR year going? Have you tried anything new? Is there anything positive that’s already happened in January? Share with your readers—and ask them to share their wins too!


Late January boost

By this week, a lot of your readers may have already fallen off the wagon… but you can help them hop back on! January 1st is a great day to start fresh, but frankly so is May 10th, or January 18th.

ie: If Future You FaceTimed you a year from now, what would you want her to say? [Are you struggling with your goals too? Don’t hesitate to share that—being relatable and empathetic is an important part of social media marketing too!]


Favourite tools

What are your favourite tools or hacks to help plan, organize, or manage something that you have in common with your perfect fit client? This is an easy peasy post that you can repurpose a few times every single year. (Tag your providers if you can, and don’t be shy about including your own offer!)

ie: __ tools to save you time when ____ (pssst… you’re going to want to save this!)



Help folks get back on course… with your paid offer. A couple of weeks ago you shared some tips to help them get started. Be empathetic and let them know that you understand it can be tricky, which is why you created ____.


Best & worst advice

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received as a mom / biz owner / fill-in-the-blank? Share yours (one or the other—best OR worst, not both) and ask readers to share theirs too.



Find your perfect fit client

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Plan your best year ever

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