My Fave Biz Tools — For ANY Budget

You’re a lady with a business and you’ve got about a million plates in the air. I get it. I’ve been doing this for a few years too, and these are the tools that are the most helpful in keeping things streamlined and efficient (well, mostly) at Knap Creative.

Other Humans

This wasn’t what this post was going to be about, but I can’t not say it. Building out a team has been a thousand percent worth it and has gotten Knap Creative to places I would’ve never made it on my own. 10/10 recommend.

Seriously though. Let’s talk about apps and gadgets because that’s something you can sign up for TODAY and we’re all here for some instant gratification right? 😂

Google Drive

The rough draft of this post lives in Google Docs! (Once we have that created, we take out bite-sized pieces and repurpose them to Instagram posts, reels, newsletter, and even client communications. 💪)

We use Google Drive for sharing graphics & brand photos, toolbox content, presentations, the occasional client project, and BACKUPS. So freaking handy — and important!

Free up to 100GB
$2.79USD/m for 100GB (so cheap!)


You can set this app up like Trello or Asana with lists & boards (I’ve tried ‘em all) — but Clickup is my fave by far. Super handy for a team / project calendar, but you can use it for systems & workflow checklists as well as editorial calendars.

Before we found ClickUp, I was constantly on the phone with my team trying to figure out when we could squeeze projects in and what who would be working on today. This system has been working perfectly for several years… and it’s FREE!

Free (we’re on this plan)
$5USD/m for unlimited features


If you need to track your time, Clockify is the way to go. You can sort your time by clients / projects, set it as billable / not billable, keep your team organized, and print professional PDF reports (I’m a sucker for a good pie chart haha). Plus, the interface is gorgeous — what’s not to love?

Free (we’re on this plan)
$4.99-$14.99USD/m for enterprise features


Calendly makes it super easy to schedule meetings without the back & forth emails. ‘Nuf said.

$8-$12USD/m (we’re on the $12 plan so we can set up multiple calendars and automatically send text reminders before meetings)

The Toolbox

If creating content for your social media makes you want to light your hair on fire, you NEED to sign up for the toolbox. Every month you’ll get juicy, strategic caption templates as well as story & reel ideas — never worry about what to say again! (We definitely use this for our client accounts too. Being creative 24/7 is hard!)

Price: $35CDN/m

Facebook Creator Studio

I can’t believe I’m saying this because I’m not a fan of Facebook — but they’ve recently updated their Creator Studio and it’s not too shabby! I use it for scheduling my Instagram posts in advance.

— Auto post Instagram carousels

— Hashtags have to go inside your caption
— You can’t see or shuffle around your Instagram grid

Price: Free

If those cons are important to you, try Later. We’ve used most of the Instagram scheduling apps and that’s the one we always come back to! You can put hashtags in the first comment if you pay for the starter version, and you can shuffle around your Instagram grid if you’re picky about the visuals… but you’ll get a push notification to publish carousels manually.




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