Showit vs Other Platforms: Why Showit Stands Out for Service Providers

I was 15 when I stumbled across a website with a background graphic and TEXT OVERTOP OF IT. My brain almost flipped inside out trying to figure out how they did it, and how I could do the same. Once I cracked it, I was hooked — so I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to website design.

Creating a website can be fun, but it can also be incredibly frustrating. How do you know which website is best for your type of business? Why does everything have to be mashed into this rigid box? How is a drag-and-drop builder this chaotic?

But over the 15+ years I’ve been doing this, one platform has emerged as my knight in shining armor – Showit. In this guide, I’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of why Showit has become my go-to choice, and why it might just be the perfect fit for you too!

Here’s what I/we love about Showit:

1 :: You can be wicked creative.

Showit makes it easy for you to create a jaw-dropping website that really stands out from the crowd. Every single site is different, because you can customize everything down to the last pixel. If you want this text to align with this image at exactlyyyyyyy this spot, you can do it! *chef’s kiss*

Most other drag and drop website builders are still “block” style editor’s, which means that you’re still limited in moving things around unless you know some CSS.

2 :: You can make the mobile version look just as spectacular as the desktop.

Ever visited a website on your phone only to find a jumbled mess? Yeah. A lot of website builders automatically create your website on mobile, which is super convenient, but when it’s squished into the tablet or mobile view it likely doesn’t work quite right.

Over 50 percent of website traffic occurs from mobile phones. So if you’re insecure about your mobile site and find yourself saying “the desktop version is way cuter!” — you might be leaving a significant amount of cash on the table.

(Especially for those of you who mostly use Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook to drum up new leads!)

With Showit, you can tailor the mobile site to perfection — which means that it looks flawless whether it’s viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

3 :: Your people can find you.

With Showit, you can manually adjust your title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, etc. as well as adjusting the title tag distinction to any text box! (Nerd-speak for your page hierarchy is gonna be easy for Google to read.)

Plus, Showit seamlessly integrates with WordPress, the gold standard for blogging platforms. This powerhouse combo unlocks a treasure trove of SEO tools, including the (somewhat legendary) Yoast plugin.

Say hello to higher rankings on Google and goodbye to being buried in search results!

Comparing Showit:

Showit vs Squarespace

Squarespace may offer simplicity, but Showit brings customization to a whole new level. Their drag-and-drop builder empowers you to design without limitations! I mean, it’s the obvious choice for creative entrepreneurs, right? It’s like comparing a generic store-bought cake to a custom-made masterpiece. 😂

Squarespace: the best choice if

  1. You want a super simple website with no bells & whistles
  2. You don’t mind having little control over the layout & design of your site
  3. You don’t need 1:1 support

Showit: the best choice if

  1. You want a website that’s truly unique to you
  2. You love using WordPress as a blogging platform
  3. You live for a supportive community

Showit vs WordPress

You know how your WordPress site bugs out and pretty much stops working 3-5 years after you pour one billion hours into it? Showit is much more maintenance friendly… aka, you could set it & forget it, and it’ll function beautifully, indefinitely.

WordPress also has a steeeepppppp learning curve for a new designer or scrappy business owner who’s doing it herself. Showit keeps things simple without sacrificing style! It’s like having your cake and eating it too – minus the headache. (I dunno, I’ve got cake on the brain today haha)

WordPress: the best choice if

  1. You’re pretty tech savvy
  2. You don’t mind going in for monthly / quarterly / annual maintenance
  3. You’re okay with a blocky, corporate feel

Showit: the best choice if

  1. You’re familiar with Canva and / or the Adobe Creative Suite
  2. You want a site that feels flowy and unique
  3. You’re ready to pull in more clients that hire you for YOU

Showit vs Wix

Wix has a million templates, so it’s easy to hop in and assume that there’s something there for you… and maybe there is! But Showit’s focus on creative professionals ensures a tailored fit for your business.

Plus, with Showit’s integration with WordPress, you get the best of both worlds – stunning design and powerful SEO capabilities.

Wix: the best choice if

  1. You’re a brand new business owner on a tight budget
  2. You don’t care about creative control
  3. You’re mostly focused on quick setup and basic functionality

Showit: the best choice if

  1. You’ve been at it for a while, and have — or are working towards — an upscale offer
  2. You want to attract a spendier client
  3. You prioritize custom design and advanced features

If you run a service-based business, I recommend Showit. It’s worth the investment, I promise. You can find more details right here!

If you do end up going with Showit, we’d love to help you create the website of your dreams! We’d love to hear from you right here.


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