Take time OFF this summer… without losing momentum in your business

My kid-free days are officially over for me till school boots back up in the fall and while I’m happy to not have to worry about prepping sandwiches for the next 8-ish weeks, I am also worried about how I am going to record that first podcast episode with a couple of preteen boys wrestling in the background. 😬

That being said, you better believe that I’m coming atcha with a down-to-earth game plan.

  1. What tasks need to be done every single week? You’re going to need two lists — one for the biz, and one for the fam jam. Include everything you can think of: plan your meals, call a friend, order new library books, create your content, scan your receipts, pay the bills.
  2. From there, assign everything to a day. I’ve included my breakdown at the end of this email, but the most helpful part for me is assigning work tasks to only two days per week.

Batching content is one of my fave activities, but it can still be hard to prioritize. I’ve already slotted one day per month so that I can plan & schedule everything in advance. If you find yourself spending a lot of time creating posts, check out the toolbox — it’s packed full of strategic, easy-to-fill caption starters so you can whip off this content in record time.

For Instagram stories, drop helpful content on your official workdays, take long weekends off, and fill in the gaps by documenting a snippet or two per day of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Don’t vanish from the face of the planet over the summer! As we near the end of August, everyone is going to be ramping up for the busiest sales season of the year. Use the next couple of months to really connect with your audience — you’ll thank yourself this fall!

This isn’t a fancy plan, but that’s the best part. Fingers crossed for a FUN and productive couple of months!

*Here’s my breakdown, if it’s helpful: Mondays are for cleaning up the weekend chaos, life admin, and a local adventure. Tuesdays are a work day, and more specifically I’ll schedule all of my calls that day. I’m hoping to take the kiddos out for a little road trip most Wednesdays. Thursdays are for deep creative work. Fridays are for one more good clean, grocery shopping, car wash, and friends. Weekends are flexible, obviously!

Feeling overwhelmed by the content creation hamster wheel? Join the toolbox — we’ve got caption templates that’ll take your reader on a journey from curiosity right through to the sale… and you’ll knock out your content in a fraction of the time. Sign up now!


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