The Four Pillars of Profitable Social Media Accounts


Getting more followers, likes, and comments does not mean that you’ll get more sales! One of the most common misconceptions people have about social media is that they need more engagement to get more sales.

Nope. You can stop obsessing about those things TODAY.

Instead, focus on having more conversations. That’s it. Double down on serving your followers through valuable content.

Put your energy into getting them into your DMs or on the phone for a sales convo instead of worrying how many people double tapped your latest selfie. ?

These are the pillars that you need to have in place if you’re ready to maximize your sales –

Brand Clarity

How clear are you on your brand message? Social media for social media’s sake is not going to get you very far. If you want maximum impact (which, duh) – it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of your brand message.

How do you do it?

First – don’t try to sound sophisticated or clever. Clarity is crucial!

Start with the problem your potential client is facing. This is KEY, because it’s the hook that’ll get them interested.

Once you have their interest, present yourself as their solution.

And finally, cast a vision for what their life will look like after they purchase from you.

So the formula is: problem, solution, result. What do you provide? For whom? What’s in it for them?

This is what you’ll return to again and again (and again) whenever you’re doing anything in your marketing – and it’s also super handy to be able to pull a quick pitch out of your pocket when you get to chatting with a new acquaintance. Well worth spending a bit of time on!

Content That Resonates

So… what do you do when you have no clue what to write?

First up, every relationship – professional or otherwise – proceeds in the same order.

We all know better than to propose on the first date, right?

If we’re on social media promoting promoting promoting, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Um, no thanks. (That’s creepy and weird.)

Here’s how a relationship works. First, you meet someone. You’re kinda curious about them. You have a conversation with them. You have MORE conversations with them. You become friends. You become LOVERS. Ooooh. ? And finally, there’s a ring.

The same goes for social media.

First, someone runs across your profile (because you have strategically used geotags and hashtags and collaborated and networked and done all the other good things to get their eyes on you).

They’re kinda curious about you.

They flip through some of your content.

You’re at the top of their feed for the first few days. Just like real life, social media is a two way street. If readers start commenting and double tapping your content, watching your stories and popping into your DMs, the algorithm is going to KNOW that you two are creating a legit relationship – and it snowballs. Here’s how to create content that’s going to get people invested in having a conversation with you:

  1. How can you be HELPFUL to your audience?
  2. What are some questions that you get asked all the time?
  3. Are there common misconceptions about your biz or industry?

Providing valuable content to your readers is going to give them a reason to stick around! Once you’ve established and nurtured that relationship on social media, you can invite them into a purchase (aka, ask for a ring).

Optimized Landing Page

You have five seconds to let your site visitors know what you do, for whom, and how they can buy it.

If your readers are just landing on a generic website page after they click through from your social media, you aren’t going to get nearly as far as if you create a page specifically around whatever it is you’re chatting about.

Be sure to include:

  1. A benefit driven headline
  2. The difference between you and the other businesses that offer the same thing
  3. A peek at your process
  4. An opt in box
  5. Social proof / testimonials
  6. And of course, a call to action!

Follow Up Strategy

How can you ensure that potential clients don’t forget about you the second they leave your site? There’s no sense in building up an audience on social and not having a logical next step.

This can be super intimidating, but it is so important to continue to serve your audience OUTSIDE of social media. The most interested people in your audience are the ones that are clicking through to your site! Those are warm leads, you guys! (It’s kinda rude to ignore them.)

Do you have a follow up strategy in place?

There’s a lot of buzz around building email lists… and it’s for good reason! We’ve seen them work for our clients and the stats back it up.

The mindset when you’re in your inbox vs when you’re on social media is totally different – we are NOT on social media to be sold to!

These platforms are best used for relationship building… and you can pull your most interested readers over to an email list and continue to serve them there.

You can also serve up ads to folks that have checked you out. Your email list, social media, and website are a gold mine for data that you can put to good use, once you know how!

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