3 Quick Tips for Writing That POPS on the Internet

Writing for the Internet is NOT like writing an essay for English class in 1999.⁠

Your words should be skimmable—paragraphs are okay, but make sure that you chunk out the super important stuff in bullet points or quick sentences.⁠ Be concise.⁠

We don’t want rigid, buttoned up sentences. We want to know there’s a human behind the brand, no matter how fancy it is.⁠

Write at a fourth grade level, even if your readers are super clever. Trust me, they read enough heavy stuff outside of the Internet. Nobody’s using a dictionary as a companion to social media so if you want to hold attention, keep it simple.⁠

(That’s right… we weren’t kidding when we said quick tips.)

Maybe your writing stinks like smelly cheese in a hot car. As an entrepreneur, there are a million things you need to be good at to succeed. Social media is one of those things. But if you hate writing and/or coming up with the visuals, we’ve gotchu. Take your writing from “meh” to “hey, I got a reply! this is working!” with templates and be done with it.


Find your perfect fit client

It's time to stop wasting your effort on anyone and everyone, and finally (finally!) get clear on your ideal client. Boost your sales AND love your job again!

Plan your best year ever

The thing keeping you from success ISN'T lack of consistency, organization, or time. You need clarity on your goals and a strategic plan that you implement.

Create a marketing plan

If you're checking all the boxes to get the word out about your business, but not seeing a steady flow of clients, it's time to nail down a marketing plan.

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