Three Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Goals

It’s EXACTLY THE MIDDLE of the year.⁠ ⁠ Well, probably. It’s close. Here’s a friendly reminder that every day is a great day for a fresh start. If you’re ready for one, mid-year is a great time to re-assess! A new year or big event in your life has the capacity to trigger change… BUT more often than not, it’s a bunch of little stuff, done consistently, that unlocks progress. If you’re feeling a little boo-hooey about the way things have been going lately, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Chances are, you fall into one of these three categories —and once you make some adjustments, you’ll see some pretty rad stuff start to happen in your life and business!

Reason #1: You’re not saying ’em outloud.

Listen. The first time you say you want a hundred people to join your program, you’re going to want to clap your hand over your mouth and take it back immediately. You’re going to cough and say, “Well, fifty. Fifty makes more sense.” But the more you hide from those big juicy goals, the less likely they are to happen. Get uncomfortable—and not just in your head! It also REALLY helps to get someone in your corner to help you set goals and keep you accountable. Keep your ear to the ground for a friend who might be willing to sit down with you on a monthly basis… don’t worry, Goal Nerds are everywhere so it won’t take long!

Reason #2: You know what you want, but you’re not getting down to the nitty gritty.

Wanting to get better at skateboarding and wanting to skateboard down an entire block without face planting are two very different goals. The superior goal here? It’s the second one. Sure, we know you can do ’em both—but a “check-off-able” goal will have you feeling so much more accomplished at every check-in. 

Reason #3: You’re only checking back in once per year.

And that’s on a good year… because most of the time you end up losing the scrap of paper you jotted your goals down on 365 days ago. Find an accountability buddy and sit down to create small goals once per month. This is a total game changer for your life and business.

Reason #4: You’re a perfectionist.

You’re setting goals—of course you’re going to shoot for the stars! But here’s what happens: You set a goal, you’re hyped, the energy is high, and you jump in. It’s fun for a bit and you’re making some progress… but inevitably, s*** gets hard. You have a million other things on the go. You get interrupted. It’s not as interesting as it was when you started out. And dang, is it ever a lot of work. This is when most people quit, my friend. This is where a million NEW bright and shiny ideas are going to make their way into your wonderfully creative brain, and you’re tempted to move on to the next thing. Self doubt creeps in right about here, too. (I mean, is anybody on the other side even going to care about this project? Is it worth it? It’s been done—and probably done better—before. Ugh.) Stick with it. Maybe that means you have to lower your expectations a bit. Most of the things you create require several drafts or iterations, and that’s okay! Count on it. Give yourself a deadline and schedule time to work on your project. More than anything, create more than you consume.

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