3 Tricks to Help You Create Consistent Content

At the end of the day, people buy from those that they trust – and that trust comes when you show up consistently.⁣ You don’t need a massive audience or impressive list! You just need to take care of the people that have already raised their hand for more of your content. 

We’ve seen it happen – an account with 5 million followers can make less sales on a launch than someone with 500 followers. It comes down to consistency!

Your marketing is going to fall on deaf ears if you haven’t been nurturing your audience. If you’re only showing up when it’s time to make the sale, you’re going to get a whole lotta “who dis?”⁣

Don’t just show up when you need work. Consistency is what’ll get you out of that feast & famine cycle.

Consistency = trust, and trust = dollars in your jeans.

But! Also know that consistent does not mean constant. Create a sustainable schedule.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business, and if you’re not prioritizing your marketing you’re not going to be getting a steady flow of leads—which isn’t going to end well. Takes time or money. There’s no magic pill. Schedule it in and commit.

This is so much easier said than done, but here are a few things that’ll make it about a gazillion times easier.


You don’t have to create a post for every single day if you’re not up to it. Show up in your feed a few times a week, but don’t hesitate to leave gaps where you can document what’s happening behind the scenes! Every single person on this planet wants to be a fly on the wall – and we all have accounts that we follow just to satisfy that curiosity. (We’re all nosy. We love it.)

Oh, and another huge bonus – showing your process adds so much value to your offerings! Allowing your audience to see what it takes to get to the finished product is huge. We’re happy to pay a premium if we’ve seen some of the heart & soul that goes into product creation!

Have a game plan.

Create all of your content at once. You can knock out an entire month in four hours, or spend 45 minutes a day trying to come up with post content.
Batching also allows you to be more strategic. What do you want to promote this month? Do you want to focus on list-building before your big launch next month? Build content around your goals and it’ll not only be easier – it’ll also be much more effective!

What do you want to promote this month? Do you want to focus on list building before a big launch? Create content around your goals to make it easier AND more effective.

Show. Up. (but not everywhere)

Imagine that you are on an island. There’s water all around you. And way over there is the mainland, which is where you want to get to. The thing is, you can’t swim to the mainland. But! Happy day! There are tools & resources on the island!

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re a resourceful person. So, you’re going to build a bridge.

In this scenario, your bridge might be email marketing. It might be social media. It might be Pinterest. There’s a wealth of options.

Let’s say you start with Facebook. You’re building your bridge. You get about halfway across, peek over, and see that your competition is blowing it out of the water over on Pinterest.

So, what do you do? You turn around, go back to your island, and start on the Pinterest bridge. You’re working away and you kinda get to thinking, “Hmm, maybe email marketing would’ve been the way to go!”

Okay. Email marketing it is. You go back to your island and start the email marketing bridge. You’re barely getting started when – oh, shucks! There are no more trees! You’re out of resources!

You’re exhausted, you’ve put a ton of effort into all of these bridges, and you have nothing to show for it. You’re incredibly discouraged and worst of all – you’re stuck on this island with a bunch of bridges that go nowhere!

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter which bridge you choose.


Once you get to the mainland in some way, shape, or form – there are more resources. You can build as many bridges and amplify your results as much as you’d like!

So. Here’s some tough love for you. Quit blaming the tech! Quit blaming the algorithms! Commit to your path. Do it well. THEN build more bridges.

Do the best you can with what you’ve got. Stop overthinking your content (!!) and put it out there.

What looks like 80 percent perfect to you looks dang close to a hundred to your audience. The more you flex that “done is better than perfect” muscle, the easier it becomes. Really.




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