Weekly Trends Report, Pinterest

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People use Pinterest to plan for the future — and that means that as a business owner, you need to know what’s coming up next.

Right now they’re searching for easy lake food options, rainy-day craft ideas for their toddlers, and the biggest category trend for this summer? “Let’s get together.” (We’re into it.) 

So the question is — how can you be ahead of the curve on this info? We’ll fill you in on a li’l secret! 🤫

Pinterest releases a trends report every single week, that’s where we found these top three searches from last week. It’s jam packed with insights that’ll make your community feel like you’re reading their minds. Whether you’re a fashionista, food blogger, or travel enthusiast, the report shows what’s trending — and coming up! — for your Pinterest audience.

These trends are both specific and simple to apply to your biz! 

Let’s say you’re a fashion blogger, and the report says “oversized hats” and “flowy summer dresses” are all the rage. Tailor your next blog post to showcase the top ten must-have summer outfits for 2023. Make sure that you include some of those trendy accessories that your community is actively searching for! As long as they’re seeing what they’re interested in, they’re going to keep coming back. 💥

Bonus points if you already did this blog post last year. Refresh the graphics, peel through the copy to ensure that it’s still relevant, and repost it! There’s no shame in the content repurposing game!

Timing is EVERYTHING on Pinterest, and with the Pinterest trends report, you’ve got the ultimate tool. No more countless hours researching what your followers might be interested in. The report lays it all out for you!

Here’s what’s trending for Fall 2023:

Not surprisingly, back to school outfits and lunch box ideas are high on the list along with dorm room ideas and easy exercise routines.

But the big surprise? How high zucchini is trending!

Things like zucchini bread, muffins, and zoodles are IN this fall — be sure to stock up at your local farmer’s market. (fun fact :: you can shred and keep any squash in your freezer for good eats and easy access over the winter months).