What to Post on Instagram (and WHERE to Put It!)

Is there even a week that passes these days without Instagram rolling out a new feature? It feels like a stretch – so it’s no wonder if your head is spinning with all of the bells & whistles that are thrown at you every day! Let’s take it right back down to the basics so you can wrap your head around what content you should be posting & where.

  1. The Grid > Your resumé. This is where your expertise needs to really shine… it’s the most professional part of your profile.
  2. Stories > This is where your readers hang out and really get to know the person & processes behind the brand.
  3. Story Highlights > Think of these like a mini website. Optimize your highlights so that your readers have a logical place to start & end when they discover you.
  4. IGTVs > This is where meaty tutorials & in depth education for your existing audience hangs out. Nobody’s going to watch these unless they’re already pretty invested in your brand, so gear them towards a warm audience.
  5. Lives > These don’t get the traction that they used to, but going live with your community & peers is still a great way to attract new faces to your business.
  6. Guides > The most underrated part of your profile. What are five topics you talk about all the time? Compile your posts into a handy guide you can point your readers to. (You can include other people’s content as well! So good.)

I can’t create this post & not talk about your bio, which is 2021’s business card. It should tell your readers exactly what you do & for whom… and ideally, you’ll follow that up by telling them exactly what they should do next. (Download a freebie? Schedule a call? Visit your site? Call them to action, and include only one link.)

  1. Pro tip: if you’re promoting something in your grid and want to direct people to a specific page on your site, tell them to DM you a specific word and set up an auto-responder. Zero extra work, a hundred percent extra clarity in your bio, AND they’ll land in your direct messages where you can have an actual conversation with them. Big juicy wins all around!

Any questions? We’re forever delighted to help! Drop ‘em here!

Don’t know what to talk about? We gotchu. The Toolbox includes DAILY story prompts that are more than just fluff like what you had in your coffee or what your toddler is up to today (newsflash: nobody cares). Sign up here!


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