What to Post on Pinterest in December

The holiday season always seems to be a bit chaotic. You’re stringing lights, decorating the tree, buying (and wrapping💀) all the gifts, baking treats, cooking for (what seems like) hundreds of people, and so much more.

Basically, you’re busy, stressed, and don’t have a lot of time to think about your goals right now. I hear you!

BUT, with all the holiday stress, I’m guessing you’ve been de-stressing on social media, which means you (and everyone else!) are spending a lot of extra time online right now.

Let’s break December down into two groups:

Use the first half of December to grow your audience.

Post more multi-part carousels and reels (this gives your audience a reason to come back for more)!

Create advent calendar styled content on your feed, this will boost your engagement and have your audience coming back for 24 full days.

In the second half of the month, start to nurture your next launch. But please keep in mind:

  • there’s a ton of momentum right now (especially if you’re in the health and fitness industry!)
  • people JUST spent a lot of money on the holidays…
  • Understand how your offer will ACTUALLY help your audience reach their goals in 2023!

And as promised, here are some knock-out ideas you can post on Pinterest this month!

  • All things Christmas (or Hannukah, or Kwanzaa)
    Decor, treats, recipes, traditions, you name it. If it makes sense for your niche, post away.
    This year, “untraditional” was popular at thanksgiving so I predict it’ll be right up there in December too.
  • Gift Ideas Share your favourite biz friends, drive some traffic their way, and OF COURSE, highlight your own stuff as well. Narrow down your gift guide to a specific person as much as you can.
  • Trends
    We want all the must-know tutorials and predictions for 2023
  • Niche specific “ideas” for December
    Ahem, case in point: I can do content ideas for December, but you can do “ideas to delight your clients in December.” “systems you need to update in December,” etc. What does your person need to do this month?
  • And this one’s the best:
    Refresh & repost anything that did well last year!

You can post any of your usual content, but it’s better with a holiday spin. Some of the examples might not align with your business, and that’s totally okay! I love a good holiday recipe as much as the next gal, but posting my famous cranberry pie isn’t going to do a dang thing for Knap Creative. That means I have less content this month, but I have some extra time to create some knock-out posts for January, when my community is obsessed with organizing, planning, and productivity.

Was this helpful? Check back next month to get your January ideas!


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