What to Send in Your Email Newsletter

Really, it’s yours. You can talk about what you learned the last time you went go-karting. You can send a GIF of yourself picking your nose. Whatever you want – they’re your e-mails. I sent one of these e-mails last week, so if either of those things sound like your jam, take a gamble and sign up for some inbox delight right here.

Rules for Email Newsletters

  • They don’t have to be long
  • You don’t have to send them every single week
  • If you don’t have anything at all that you want to share, it CAN work to ghost your audience till you have something to sell. Not super recommended but it can be successful, think photographers in the fall. That being said does lend to feast and famine cycle and you might have more issues if there’s nothing to promote the rest of the year
  • Be careful to not let it turn into a junk drawer of stuff you don’t know where else to share. Litmus test: pretend we’re chatting and you’re telling me what I’ll get if I sign up for your newsletter. If you can’t do it in 15 seconds or less, you gotta streamline.

The secret to content that REALLY lands? Well, there isn’t just one secret.

But one thing that makes your words extra sticky is to share stuff that’s not just a quick google search away.

I AM NOT SAYING that your content has to be brand new information that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet – that’s impossible.

Create content that your community is actively searching for or wondering about. But don’t just drip out the facts. We want YOUR take on it. We want your relatability. We want your weirdness.

The human connection is a crucial part of your content, and the way that it happens is through storytelling. You might’ve heard this before, in which case you know that it’s MUCH easier said than done.

Here’s how I approach it:

Keep an eye out for everyday moments that you can spin into something that’ll benefit or help your community relate to you. (I hate that these examples aren’t ours but they are FANTASTIC.)

Storytelling is a muscle and it takes PRACTICE, so just start – and keep at it. Subscribe to our newsletter to see an example of this in action every single week! (I’m practicing too.)

It’s easier to promote your list if you’ve got a formula so people know what they can expect, ie:

  • 2 reel ideas every week
  • monthly reflection questions to help you change your mindset around money (or whatever)
  • 1 two minute weekly task to help you organize your stuff or make money with your content or whatever your perfect fit person’s goal is
  • a weekly playlist or your fave recipe this week
  • literally anything, just make sure it’s something your reader will actually be into

Stuck for ideas, think about YOUR fave newsletters to receive. I’m guessing you have a lot of junk but there’s a couple of knock-out newsletters that you look forward to. What are they, and what do you love about them?

Other general ideas:

  • industry news or updates
  • curated blog content from other folks in your industry (even better if you share your opinion along with it)
    • interesting social content (either yours or others’) – with your take on it
    • collection of your faves or the best deals
  • your blog posts
  • quick hacks or tips, actionable ideas
  • sales, coupons, promos (seriously, don’t be shy)
  • client work, case studies, & testimonials
    • practical examples of how to use your product
    • practical examples of how to do something in your niche
  • lifestyle – what you’re eating, wearing, crushing on
  • spotlight someone to follow in your industry (or a parallel one)
  • encourage your community to reflect (or start a convo!)
  • create a challenge series
  • lessons you’ve learned (or share as you’re learning them, like we do!)

Out-of-the-box email subject lines (& what to put in ’em) – service based businesses, screw small shops, sorry guys I’m done with you

  • 5 tools to help you avoid procrastination:

I mean, it doesn’t HAVE to be procrastination but is there a human on this earth who doesn’t have issues with productivity and time management? I literally got this email today and didn’t have time to read it (hah!) but it’s a juicy little treat I’m saving for later.

  • Know your secret

At the end of the day, we’re allllll the same… BUT! We’re all a little different too. This email will be a no-brainer if you know your reader inside out (which you should). What sets her apart from everyone else who’s kinda like her? Let her know you know what’s up – and follow up why you’re a perfect fit for her.

  • Awkward

Simple subject line, quick & easy e-mail. Ask for testimonials. I guarantee this e-mail will be one of your most opened ones – we all love an awko taco. 🤣

  • No time to read this email? All the more reason to do so…

EVERYBODY wants to save time. Get right down to the nitty gritty & tell us how you can help us!

  • PSA: if you’re getting bored with our content

Your perfect fit person probably IS getting bored with your content, because they’re maxed out on the free stuff and they’re ready to HIRE! Tell ’em this! (I have this e-mail queued for my own list and I can’t wait to see the results!)

3 emails to send when business is slow:

  • The Follow Up Email

Follow up with a lost lead

You know the one… it REALLY seemed like you were meant to work together, but then they fell off of the radar and it started getting weird. Don’t send a long e-mail – just loop back into their inbox & ask if they’re still interested in working with you

  • The Referral Email

Ask your fave client for a referral

Drop into a current client’s inbox, tell them how much you adore working with them, and let ’em know that you’d love to work with their friends / colleagues too if they’d be kind enough to recommend you! (While you’re at it, you might as well get a testimonial.)

  • The Collab Email

Collaborate with industry peers

Jot down a list of other businesses that work with your perfect fit person. Reach out & ask if you can collaborate or if they have anyone they’d like to send your way! Continue to nurture these relationships because they can be a huge part of your marketing strategy.

Heck yes! That’s the newsletter we ALL need in our inbox! Tap here to sign up!


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