When Should You Get a Website Redesign? Three Signs It’s Time!

Owning and operating a creative business can feel like a rollercoaster of vulnerability. (I KNOW it’s not just me haha!)

On one side, you’re on fire! Doing your best work — the stuff you were born to do.

But on the flip side, um, you have to showcase your own brilliance through your brand’s digital presence — your website design, social media, and email list.

Cue the collective “GAH.” (Yeah, me too.)

As a design agency, we’ve seen it all — the highs, the lows, and every self-doubt spiral in between. We get it. Every. Single. Day.

But here’s the kicker: the parts of your website that make your palms sweat? They’re often the magic that converts visitors into die-hard fans. As your website designers (and personal hype squad), it’s our job to gently push you past those insecurities and toward success.

So, let’s talk about the signs that it’s time for a website redesign.

Hey, we’ve been there too — hesitating to pass on my business card because (1) it’s not 1995, but also (2) deep down, we know our website design is not up to snuff.

Maybe it loads slower than a dial-up connection, or maybe it’s as cluttered as the backseat of your car. Either way, it makes you cringe. You deserve better!

If you’re avoiding sharing your website, it’s a clear sign that it’s time for a refresh. Your website should be your digital megaphone, not a source of embarrassment.

Time for a Website Redesign, Sign #2 :: Your business feels like it’s stuck in neutral

You know that feeling when you’re hustling hard, doing all the things you’ve always done, but the leads and inquiries feel like they’re drying up faster than a puddle in the desert? It’s like hitting a speed bump and getting stuck in slow motion — permanently. Ugh.

Your branding plays a MASSIVE role in attracting your perfect fit people. If you’re not getting enough people knocking on your door — or worse, if you’re getting tire-kickers and bargain hunters — it’s time to shake things up.

(And we don’t mean just pretty pictures. Those are great, but we’re talking about your messaging & copy. That is EVERYTHING when it comes to selling yourself online.)

Time for a Website Redesign, Sign #3 :: Your website doesn’t match up to the quality of what you offer

Online, you look like you SHOULD be the cheaper option — but you’re freakin’ GREAT at what you do.

Your clients will evolve along with you. I’m sure that you love working with a VERY different type of person than you did when you first started out, or even two years ago. (We sure do!)

Maybe you’ve added new offerings or switched to a different niche. And for sure you’ve poured your heart & soul into creating an impeccable client experience and getting great results for your clients.

If any of these signs hit close to home, it’s time to take the leap and invest in a website that truly reflects the brilliance of your brand. And we’d love to be the ones to help you! We’re here to be your business BFFs, your partners in crime, and we’re in your corner to help you craft a gorgeous and strategic brand that’ll have you standing head & shoulders over your competition. Check out our website design services right here!


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