Why You’re Not Making Sales on Social Media

If you’re just on social media because you feel like you “have to” – chances are you’re just adding to the noise. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels, show up intentionally, and start getting results! Here are three reasons that your social media might not be putting any dollars into your jeans.
Reason #1 – You’ve proposed on the first date
We’re going to get really nerdy here with you for a sec. Hear us out! Every relationship – professional or otherwise – goes in the same order. First, someone is curious about you. Then, they decide that they kinda like you (of course!) and over time, you become better acquainted. Eventually, you become close friends… maybe a little more… and then, finally, there’s a ring. Our primary goal on social media is to build that trust in our brand & business. Your content should guide your audience through that journey. 1. Content that ATTRACTS Show your personality! The amount of engagement we received when we started showing up (janky bangs and all) in our stories was phenomenal. It IS terrifying but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Another thing – it also totally counts if you’re showing up & genuinely engaging on other people’s posts! (It’s actually a double win, because their eyes are on you – and so is their audience!) 2. Content that NURTURES People need a reason to stick around, and the only thing that’s going to hold their attention is if you provide them with value. What are problems that your audience deals with? How can you help them without expecting anything in return? Value doesn’t mean “50% off sale all day every day!” it means, “I see you, I hear you, and I’m here to help you.” A quick rule of thumb? Provide at least three pieces of helpful content (without expecting anything in return) before spurring your audience to action – whether it’s scheduling a consultation, asking for feedback, or launching a promotion. 3. Content that CONVERTS At the end of the day, you are going to have to ask for that sale. You don’t have to be sleazy or pushy about it, but after you’ve put all of that effort into building a rapport with your audience, they’re much happier & more confident in making that purchase. Bam! There’s the magic!
Reason #2 – We buy with our hearts, not with our heads
We buy with our emotions first, and then back it up with rationale. Here’s a question that you need to ask yourself before you post anything promotional on social media.
“So what?”
Your original product post might tell us that you sell adorable baby bonnets made out of organic fabric. Let’s take it a step further. “So what?” Well, it lasts longer. It’s free from toxic chemicals. It’s softer and more comfortable. It’s better for baby’s skin. We could go on, but you get the gist. Those are the things that are going to tug on heartstrings – and at the end of the day, that’s what sells! This works for service based businesses too. Our original post might tell you that we do social media management. But… so what? Well, my guess is you’re spending more time and energy than you need to on your socials. You spend hours blinking at that blinking curser and racking your brain for content on the fly. If you’re ready for captions that attract the right folks, cut through the noise, and convert clicks into clients – we’re your girls. Simple tweak, massive results!
Reason #3 – Your content doesn’t lead us to movement
Likes are great, but comments, shares, conversations, and click-throughs are even better! You may have been told to ask questions to up your engagement. But there’s a caveat! Remember, we’re all really busy. We simply do not have the time to pause our day long enough to TEXT about the weather. (We may be past T9 days but typing on a phone is still time consuming!) There is one thing that we’re usually happy to share, and that is our opinion. Start small with quick polls in your stories and work your way up to questions in your captions! Remember to call your audience to action. Whether it’s a “like / save this post”, “drop an emoji”, or “click through to my site” – sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction. It sounds so simple, but letting us know what you want us to do really does make a difference!
Reason #4 – There’s no game plan for what happens when someone clicks through to your site
Did you know that 99% of your audience will not make a purchase the first time they land on your site? The internet is a big, big place – so chances are, all of that traffic you’ve put so much work into getting is going to forget allll about you if you don’t remind them that you exist! One thing that’s often overlooked is optimizing your landing page for conversions. If your audience is just landing on a generic home page, you aren’t going to get nearly as far as if you create a page specifically around whatever you’re chatting about on social. Here’s a quick checklist!
  1. Optimize your site for mobile users.
  2. How can you help me? I should be able to tell you within 3 seconds of visiting your site.
  3. Address your customer’s problems – but keep your paragraphs short and to the point.
  4. Call your visitors to action! Let us know the next step in working with you. (And get us on your email list, if you can.)
AND FINALLY – Create a follow up strategy for your site visitors! This can be an email list, targeted ad campaigns, or even a chat box that’ll encourage visitors to engage with you.
Sometimes you’re just too dang busy bringing home the bacon to sink hours upon hours into your social media. Meet our handy dandy marketing toolbox!


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