Your Marketing Timeline for a Successful 2022 Holiday Season

I know it feels like it’s a hot minute till the end of the year, but NOW (well, yesterday, really, but I get it — life gets in the way) is the time to prep for your Q4. Here’s a quick checklist for a less-stressful holiday season.


  • nail down your promotions for this year
  • start pre-launching by creating value-packed content for your list


  • ramp up your pre-launch by priming your audience for what’s to come
  • nail down your sales page
  • plan a few post-launch posts so you don’t fall off the map after


  • launch, sleep, wrap your head around the fact that you’re emotionally exhausted and it’s normal


  • oh are we still here? it’s NOISY in social media land. good thing you did your job back in october, so people have their ears to the ground listening to you
  • also though, take a breather

Let me guess… You’ve put about a zillion hours (give or take) into your Instagram — and have nothing to show for it, WE GOTCHU. Grab your free story templates here!


Find your perfect fit client

It's time to stop wasting your effort on anyone and everyone, and finally (finally!) get clear on your ideal client. Boost your sales AND love your job again!

Plan your best year ever

The thing keeping you from success ISN'T lack of consistency, organization, or time. You need clarity on your goals and a strategic plan that you implement.

Create a marketing plan

If you're checking all the boxes to get the word out about your business, but not seeing a steady flow of clients, it's time to nail down a marketing plan.

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