Your Marketing Timeline for a Successful 2022 Holiday Season

I know it feels like it’s a hot minute till the end of the year, but NOW (well, yesterday, really, but I get it — life gets in the way) is the time to prep for your Q4. Here’s a quick checklist for a less-stressful holiday season.


  • nail down your promotions for this year
  • start pre-launching by creating value-packed content for your list


  • ramp up your pre-launch by priming your audience for what’s to come
  • nail down your sales page
  • plan a few post-launch posts so you don’t fall off the map after


  • launch, sleep, wrap your head around the fact that you’re emotionally exhausted and it’s normal


  • oh are we still here? it’s NOISY in social media land. good thing you did your job back in october, so people have their ears to the ground listening to you
  • also though, take a breather

Let me guess… You’ve put about a zillion hours (give or take) into your Instagram — and have nothing to show for it, WE GOTCHU. Grab your free story templates here!

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